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    How can I search for a product?

    You can search for a product on our web site by using the search engine. Simply enter a general one or two word description and the system will give you results of any item(s) we have available on our site.

    Tips on using the search engine: We suggest typing in minimal words to optimize your search. For example, if you are looking for Plates merchandise, simply type in "Plates" in the search engine and it will produce a list of item(s) we may have available on the site.


    Why don't you have my size available on the site?

    If a size is not available, it is most commonly sold out. We do restock items periodically. If would like to know if/when an item will be restocked please contact us directly to inquire. 


    What if I don't see an item on your site that I want?

    We suggest checking back periodically to see if we have added your desired product, as we are continually expanding our merchandise selection.


    Can I get items personalized at the Team Store?

    Yes, you can get items personalized at the Team Store! We offer personalizations at $5 for name and $4 for number. Currently, we will ONLY personalize items that are purchased from the Team Store, the day they are purchased. Due to COVID-19 and enforcing sanitary measures, we will not personalize anyone's personal clothing items, and we will not personalize Red Wings merchandise that has already been brought home or worn. If you are interested in getting an item personalized that you buy online, please call the Team Store at (585)454-1001 ext 3056 for assistance.