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    Grim and Depressing

    Maureen Callahan, NY Post Writer, called Rochester, NY "Grim and Depressing" in one of her articles. And we called her out on it... We invited Maureen to Frontier Field on "Maureen Callahan Night" (August 21, 2020) where we will be celebrating ALL THINGS ROCHESTER, to show Maureen that Rochester is everything BUT grim and depressing.

    Now, we are introducing our newly released Grim and Depressing Tee designs. These are eligible for pre-order now, and customers will either be notified of the tees' arrival at the Team Store or the tees will be shipped to customers, when they arrive (depending which shipment method you choose at checkout).

    For the Ticket Packs (Grim and Depressing Tee + Tickets) please visit: https://redwings.milbstore.com/products/pre-order-grim-and-depressing-elements-of-rochester-gray-tee?_pos=3&_sid=9a65791d0&_ss=r

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